Catwatch Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent

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  • Catwatch Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent detects a cats movement and body heat within a radius of 40 ft and then emitting a unique ultrasonic alarm that is harmless to all animals and inaudible to the human ear.
  • It will protect an area of up to 1,350 square feet - up to twice the area of other makes.
  • Very economic to run, it runs on a 9 volt alkaline battery which will last for 2-3 months.
  • It can be positioned at ground level, via the positioning stake, in seconds or can be secured to the base of walls, fences or trees.

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    Catwatch ultrasonic cat deterrent

    So far so good haven't seen a cat in garden long may it continue. Fed up with them pooing?

    Ann Smyth

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    Catwatch Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent

    I bought 2 Catwatch Ultrasonic Cat deterrent devices. I am using mains power supply in a small urban garden I have located one device at the front and one at the back of the house. The first device is in situ fo rwell over a month and the 2nd for several weeks. So far I have noticed only the 2 younger cats-of four that frequent the garden-seem to visit less often. I regularly see the large Ginger Cat walk nonchalantly by the device. to be honest I am disappointes as I thought i would be cat free by now.. Sincerely K Gibbons


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    Catwatch Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent

    Referring to recent purchase of catwatch ultrasonic cat deterrent, I am very happy with the results it does what it says and my vegetable plot/plant borders are cat litter free, also the birds are returning to the garden. I was concerned about it being waterproof as one I purchased previously was totally unsatisfactory. The catwatch ultrasonic cat deterrent is very satisfactory as regards waterproofing.


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    Catwatch Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent

    Great little cat shelter- though the feral cat was trapped and is indoors at present- with her kittens! And she and they will be having no more. The house is great- easy to assemble, and comfortable for cats and easily cleaned. An excellent price and delivered less than 24 hours after ordering.


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    Catwatch Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent

    The unit has been in place now for a month and the cat is still coming in to my garden all the time and spending time there. The detailed instructions with the unit advised that it may take up to 3 monthe to deter cats or other unwanted animals. If this inforation had been available before purchase I would certainly not have bought it. I will not be buying anything else for this company .


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    Catwatch Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent

    Had a bit of difficulty positioning the device so that it would detect cats. I got my grandson to crawl along the ground to see what position would trigger it. So far ( about 3 weeks) it is not working. Cat (not mine) still catching birds. But I will persevere and hopefully it will keep cats away.

    Geraldine McCarthy

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    Catwatch Ultrasonic Cat Deterrent

    Ann Lynch

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