Deep Rootrainers

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  • 32 cell plant tray for seedling propagation and training the roots of deep root crops such as (among many others); broad beans, runner beans, french beans, beetroot and herbaceous plants like sweet peas and wallflowers etc.
  • The deep rootrainer helps the roots grow straight and strong.
  • Tray Size: 36cm L x 22cm W x 9cm D
  • 5
    Super easy to use

    Love these. Got some last year and make my propagation so much easier

    Meg Bernit

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    Deep Rootrainer

    Little bit fragile but brilliant idea. Work perfectly


  • 5
    Top Class

    What a difference these make to root growth. Love them

    Andy Verbane

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    Deep root trainer

    Sturdy and neat very happy ? with my purchase

    Mary Flanagan

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    Deep Rootrainers

    These are a great design and I started off my peas in them this year. I wouldn't have bought them if I knew what poor quality of plastic they were made from. Mine cracked in 3 places on the 1st time using them and they were very expensive for the quality. I would not expect to get more than 2 years out of them. It's such a pity as the idea is good. I wouldn't recommend them.

    Maura McNeely

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    Deep Rootrainers

    These are great for climbing beans and peas. Seedlings develop long roots and grow away quickly when planted out. I've also used them for early carrots and parsnips, planting out when roots exit the base. You have to pack the compost in quite firmly or it breaks apart when opened. You also need to be gentle with them as the plastic can tear easily. Definitely recommend them

    Norman Wiseman

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    Deep Rootrainers

    Very good design but the plastic is not that strong. My new pack arrived with a couple of small tears in the plastic at the point where they bend. Would be 5 stars if more robust.

    James Babington-Stitt

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    Deep Rootrainers

    these are great value in the potting shed or on the window sill, as they give the your plants that little bit more room , are not crowded searching for light and can be kept longer in the tray hardening off if the weather does not oblige with the clear plastic covers i have started tomatoes and peppers in January on the sitting room window sill above the radiator

    gerard o connor

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    Deep Rootrainers

    I love these they are just the ticket for peas, beans and some long rooted flowers, a good job.


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