Rapid Rootrainer

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  • Suitable for propagating and cultivating nearly all plants.
  • This root trainer plant tray has 32 cells - 8 books of 4 cells each.
  • It's small size also makes it ideal for cuttings.
  • Seedlings can be removed with the greatest of ease and without damaging the roots.

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    Very Sturdy

    Excellent for root growth. Have used a few times and reasonably sturday

    John Tissington

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    Root trainers

    Will do the job but seem a bit flimsy for reuse next time . That’s disappointing as I was hoping to get a long time use from them


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    Rapid Rootrainer

    Bought these root trainers this year and feel the idea is brilliant but the quality of the product is very poor. The plastic has cracked in 3 places already. I will feel lucky if I get a 2nd year out of them. It's such a pity. I feel Quickcrop should have tested them out before selling online. Unfortunately I bought 2 packets. They are very expensive for the quality received. I would not recommend them at all solely due to the very cheap and brittle quality. You let yourselves down selling these online

    Maura McNeely

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    Rapid Rootrainer

    I really the rootrainers because I can remove specific rows and move them elsewhere like in airing cupboard to give the seeds an extra heat boost. They don't come with a gravel tray, so I bought one separately. The plastic trays do look flimsy and are a bit tricky to fit into the holder. They are however amazingly flexible. Gently squeezing the trays, I was able to eventually fit all trays into the holder.


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    Rapid Rootrainer

    These are a great idea. They are a little flimsy I would prefer something a bit more robust. They are hard to shut when full of compost and open easily as there is no locking mechanism. Still a great idea and I will compare results to last year just using regular plastic pots as this is my first season using Rootrainers.


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