Giant Vegetable Garden - Vegetable Plants

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Organically grown vegetable plug plants for the garden. Get a headstart on the growing season and let us do all the hard work.

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    Giant Vegetable Garden - Vegetable Plants

    The Giant Vegetable Garden was exactly what I wanted! We are a large 30 bed guesthouse in Clifden. I'd wanted to get a nice vegetable patch growing, to enhance the property and to allow our guests to use some of the nice fresh fruit and veg. I'd been struggling with starting plants from seeds and needed a large number to get us iff to a flying start. The seedlings arrived very well packed and protected. With good instructions on planting depths and spacing. Very easy to use and understand. I was feeling confident! The seedlings looked strong and healthy. Now a month and a half later I have a massive veggie patch just bursting with goodies. We've been eating the lettuce and rocket for a while. The beans are climbing, the peas are podding. There are small brocollis staring to take form. Carrots and beetroot look to be forming well. I'm very impressed with the results so far. I'd highly recommend, a great way to get started and feel confident. It also looks very attractive for our guests

    Lucy Jackson

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