Onion Golden Bear F1

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This is the one to grow if you have ever had White Rot on your onions as this variety is resistant to it. Matures early and has a very high yield of perfect onions. 100 seeds per pack

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    Onion Bedfordshire Champion

    I’ve had problem for years with grey mound and other fungal diseases, losing up to half the crop on pulling and further losses while in storage. Planted these in tunnel in cubes last year about mid March and transplanted when set size outside. Matured a month earlier than other sets with no losses then or in storage. Large and uniform. Cannot recommend them highly enough even if you have no problem with disease. Going to sow indoors now 1/2/19 for earlier crop hopefully. I sowed 2 seeds per cube and separated them for transplanting as I think bunching them might restrict growth.

    Pat Carroll

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