Super PH Soil Test Meter from Tenax

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The super pH soil test meter from Tenax gardening equipment is for measuring acid & alkaline levels in your soil. It has a large display on the face of it.

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    Super PH Soil Test Meter from Tenax

    This pH meter I first used at college last year we selected severely type's from water to electronic,this one was easy to use and much faster to check the whole site over the other methods. Quick and simply to use just probe wait two minutes and read the scale,wipe wait for a minute and probe in a new place the unit does not need to be reset like the electronic type or washed out in the water methods. Along with this unit is a reference guide for a larger number of,vegetables,tree's,house and greenhouse plants given their pH preferences,and a great guide to how to increase or decrease the pH leavel.This saving you time looking through countless reference books a great addition to have to hand in the garden. There is nothing to dislike about this product,a must for any gardener to keep your soil and plants in good growing conditions.

    Dennis Moules