Burgon and Ball Lawn Edging Shears

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Lawn edging shears with extra long handles.

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    Burgon and Ball Lawn Edging Shears

    I found this extremely easy to use . The handle made it so easy and I didn't have to move at all.

    Rona E.

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    Burgon and Ball Lawn Edging Shears

    At last an Edging Shears that holds its edge and i don't have to keep sharpening.

    Don Mc Donald

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    Burgon and Ball Lawn Edging Shears

    These Edging shears are the best i have seen. I didn't buy from you guys as i had it already but when i came across i had to write a review. Can't recommend enough. I have had at least 4 sets over the years only sorry i didn't discover the Burgon and Ball ones earlier. Great edging and super sharp

    Norman White

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    Burgon and Ball Lawn Edging Shears

    The telescopic lawn edging shears which I ordered replaced a very old set of long handled edging shears which are now retired to the shed, the new shears are extremely well balanced closed or open to full extent, the blades are large and produce a lovely fine cut with a nice smooth action, easy to open and lock at the desired length you need to trim your edges standing or kneeling. When fully closed will store in a small space and take up less room when transporting around the garden in your barrow than the long handled type, good soft grips to the top of the handles. Just one down side to the telescopic aspect that I have found with other telescopic items I have do not store closed when damp or wet dry them off and at the end of the season apply a little oil to the shafts and moving parts and store in a dry place. Good value and can be set to the height of the individual user.


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