Vegtrug Wall Hugger Trough Planter

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€169.00 - €249.00
  • Trough planter designed to fit snugly against a wall or fence
  • Unique V shape allows for deep rooted crops like carrots and parsnips
  • Ideal for narrow spaces and can be used in a polytunnel, greenhouse, balcony, patio, or by the back door
  • Accessible gardening height
  • Includes pre-formed and fitted liner
  • 5
    Love it

    Looks fantastic in my mothers greenhouse and she is thrilled

    Clive Merchant

  • 5
    Bought 1 thinking of no 2

    Great to work as I am oap

    Tom Evans

  • 5
    Vegtrug Wall Hugger Trough Planter

    Wood planters are few and far between online this weather and nowhere to go for them locally. Happy to have found this on google. J.Lyons.

    J. Lyons

  • 4
    Vegtrug Wall Hugger Trough Planter

    It came in a neat box and went together akay. Delivery took a bit longer than I would like but that's to be expected these days.

    Barry Wilmes

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    Vegtrug Wall Hugger Trough Planter

    Relatively easy to assemble. I like the look of the timber, and the shape of the trug. Placed it in a good sheltered sunny spot (against a south-facing stone wall). USE: a bit of a learning curve or experiment this year. Not sure if I have been using the space to its advantage, as probably overcrowded it with too many types of plant (mangetout, beans, spinach, lettuce, courgettes, strawberries, parsley, mint...). Find, for example, courgette leaves are shading cherry tomatoes too much. (Should have gone for climbing variety of tomato.) One unexpected negative: the level of insect life (that I thought I would be avoiding in a raised bed). WOULD really APPRECIATE more video material on successful use of these things. Better to grow just one or two or three plants in abundance? Also would like to know: for a winter spinach crop (say) should one change the soil?


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    Vegtrug Wall Hugger Trough Planter

    I live in a terraced house and have a small back yard so this is the perfect sized planter for me. I have planted lettuce, beetroot, carrots, coriander and basil and am watching them grow everyday. However, I'm really glad I had an electric screwdriver to put it together as it would have taken ages otherwise.


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    Vegtrug Wall Hugger Trough Planter

    Assembly wasn't too torturous but did have 3 screws left over. It hasn't collapsed yet! Found it difficult to see the diagrams and print on the instruction sheet - print was so small. I'm over 70 and my eyesight isn't that great now. Unfortunately I didn't discover the video until after I'd assembled it. I've got plenty of salad stuff growing and the slugs have not discovered how to get in yet. I did staple some sandpaper around the legs but not sure that will deter them. Could the manufacturers include a suitable slug repelling covering on the legs before we buy the kit? Looking forward to planting some winter stuff soon when the salad is finished.


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