Top 10 Mothers Day Gardening Gifts 2015

Top 10 Mothers Day Gardening Gifts 2015

Mothers Day 2015

Mothers Day 2015 is on sunday the 15th of March in Ireland. It is one of those days that lands on a different date each year, which is why it is easily forgotten about. Mother's Day is always the 4th sunday of lent, which also puts it at exactly 3 weeks before Easter Sunday. Mother's Day gifts don't come any better than gardening gifts, something your mam will use again and again and think of you everytime she uses it. We have plenty of gift ideas available at every price range.

 Here are our Top 10 gardening gift ideas for mother's day:

kneelo knee pads from burgon and ball

10. Kneelo Knee Pads

Gardening can be tough on the knees, these  knee pads from the Kneelo range offer the perfect protection. They are better than other knee pads on the market as they are multi-layered for extra comfort and protection. These knee pads are made from shock absorbing EVA foam under a layer of luxurious and cushioned memory foam, all encased in a water proof neoprene material. They can be wiped clean after use.

The ergo hand hoe from burgon and ball

9. Sophie Conran Ergo Hoe

The  Ergo hoe is a garden hand hoe designed by Sophie Conran. The hoe head is made from brass ferrule and stainless steel and sits on a waxed FSC beechwood handle that is smoothly finish for comfort. A great Mother's Day gardening gift. These hand hoes come from Burgon & Ball's collection of top quality and unique garden hand tools. This ergo hoe is ideal for hoeing in tight places, like between vegetables in a raised bed or around plants.

the colworth flower trug for mothers day

8. Colworth Flower Trug

The  Colworth Flower Trug is a vintage wooden trug made from sustainably sourced spruce wood, for harvesting homegrown fruit and vegetables and collecting flowers. The trug is shallow and quite long for laying long stemmed flowers down without breaking the stems. It is also perfect for carrying tools and equipment around the polytunnel, greenhouse or garden.  The ideal accessory for the garden shed.

1 Metre vegtrug vegetable planter

7. 1 Meter Vegtrug

The  Vegtrug is a timber raised vegetable planter that is the perfect blend of raised bed and garden furniture. It is the easy way to have your own vegetable garden anywhere, from outdoors on patios, porches and balconies, to indoors in greenhouses, polytunnels or even in the house. The vegtrug is portable so can be moved around if needed. It has a clever V shape that allows deeper root crops to be grown along the centre of it.

Oval vegetable rattan basket for mothers day gifts

6. Oval Vegetable Basket

The  oval vegetable basket is made from expertly handcrafted rattan. It is hard wearing and heavy duty and perfect for harvesting and storing freshly grown fruit and vegetables, or for carrying tools and equipment. This rattan basket also makes a very attractive planter when lined. All you need to do is line with a landscape fabric like mypex, or use a raised bed liner and fill with soil - A rustic herb planter basket.  Perfect for mothers day gifts.

Herb pot and herb cutting scissors

5. Herb Pot & Scissors

The  herb pot and scissors is a rustic herb pot with removable lid and a set of 5 bladed herb cutting scissors. The scissors make short work of freshly grown herbs without bruising, and slot right into a ring attached to the side of the pot for safe keeping. The pot itself is the ideal size for growing your own fresh herbs on a windowsill or on a shelf in the garden shed. The lid comes off and acts like a saucer for the pot to collect any excess water.

Pink ladies suede gardening gloves

4. Ladies Suede Pink Gardening Gloves

These  Patch Palm Suede Worker Gloves are a practical and stylish solution for the lady vegetable gardener. The gloves are made of soft suede with added protection on the palm and inside fingers of the gloves offering good thorn protection. The gloves are extremely comfortable to wear and with their striking pink colour are easy to find too! A stylish and functional pair of gardening gloves for Mothers Day.

Gubbins pots for organising bits and pieces

3. Sophie Conran Gubbins Pots

These little 'Gubbins' (don't ask me) pots are a beautiful little set for keeping your odds and ends organised. Great for the gardener, this set is about perfect for the top of the potting bench for storing labels, twine, pencils or other essential items. The  Gubbins pots are a set of 9 individual labelled pots on a carry tray with handles. Each pot has a different label like, twine, snips, labels, pens and pencils, wire, etc.

Jospeph bentley gardeners hand tool set

2. Hand Tool Gift Set

The 3 piece  gardeners hand tool gift set from the Joseph Bentley range of quality garden tools contains a hand trowel, hand fork and a transplanting trowel all neatly packaged in a traditional wooden seed box. These garden tools are all manufactured to the highest standards in stainless steel with solid wooden Ash handles. This really makes the perfect gift idea for the gardening enthusiast.

Gift voucher in a box for mothers day

1. Gift Voucher

Our gift vouchers make a great gift idea not just for mother's day, but for Christmas, birthdays or any other occasions too. Vouchers can be purchased for any amount and can be redeemed by the recipient in part or in full. The voucher can be used for anything on our site, from gardening products to kitchenware, homewares or anything else. A voucher is a great fall back gift when you are out of ideas as they let the recipient pick out what they really want or need.

Alternatively, why not give the gift of growing for mother's day and start with a  raised vegetable bed. Raised beds are the ideal way to begin growing your own vegetables at home. It can start off as a good hobby to have and quickly become a passion that will last a lifetime. Happy Mother's Day 2015!!