How To Grow Parsley

How To Grow Parsley

Parsley is a biennial edible herb grown for its leaves which are commonly used in cooking and for garnishing salads and other cold dishes. Parsley is also known known to be highly nutritious and is particularly rich in vitamins K and C.

Where To Grow Parsley

Parsley needs a rich well dug soil which does not dry out too often. It prefers full sun, but if the soil is good, it will do very well in partial shade.

Plant Care

Parsley sown in March can normally be harvested from July to July the following year. Because it is a biennial, it will then begin to produce seed which ends the plants use as a herb. Sowing later than March is fine, the plants will mature later, and this will extend the harvesting time.

Parsley does not usually suffer from pests and disease. Occasionally, carrot or greenfly attack them - spray with derris (available at almost all garden centres) as a preventative measure in June and August.

Container Growing Parsley

Parsley is an excellent plant for growing in all sorts of containers - some very attractive pots are made especially for growing parsley. No special care is required - just keep them in a sunny spot, feed regularly with a liquid plant food, and ensure the pot compost is kept moist.