Deluxe 35cm Raised Bed Kits

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€139.95 - €289.95
  • Our top of the range raised bed kit.
  • 170mm (6.6in) high boards planed with bull nosed edges, overall height 340mm (13.4 Inches).
  • Smooth planed and rounded 75cm (4 inch) square and 365mm (14.3 inch) high corner posts
  • Kit includes galvanised steel fixing brackets and screws.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes, please see 'Bed Size' below.

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    Beautiful Beds

    These are really quite beautiful raised beds I love the corners of them. These are quite heavy so remember to have someone there to lift them though.

    Valerie Q.

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    Timber Raised Bed Gardening Kit - Deluxe 14in High

    QuickCrop is my go-to for raised beds. I upgraded to Deluxe in our new home's back garden. It was well worth it as the bed looks terrific and is very sturdy and built to last. Like the other beds I've gotten from QuickCrop, this one was easy to put together. I lost the instructions and, again as always, QuickCrop came through with a digital copy. I cannot say enough good things about QuickCrop's uniformly excellent customer service and reliable quality. You won't regret buying this bed.


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    Timber Raised Bed Gardening Kit - Deluxe 14in High

    Bought a 4ft x 4ft deluxe raised bed three weeks ago and I am so impressed with the quality and it’s attractive look that I am about to order another. It was easy to assemble, (but I put the brackets on the inside for a more attractive finish), and it looks great. Yes there are cheaper ones on the market and I even considered making my own but the quality of materials and the finished look means it is more a piece of furniture which would look great in any situation.

    Michael Schofield

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    Timber Raised Bed Gardening Kit - Deluxe 14in High

    I don't recommend this product. Three of the pieces were faulty when arriving, two posts (one damaged, the other one clearly different in measures to the other three) and one of the long boards being too long. I contacted Quickcrop, who agreed to send two extra replacement posts and a replacement board. These arrived 8 days after the initial delivery (quick but still delaying having the bed up by 8 days), and 1) there was only one post instead of two, and 2) the long board, while shorter, still too long. I will have to live with having to cut the board to fit, and having one post not looking right. Disappointing for something called "deluxe".


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    Timber Raised Bed Gardening Kit - Deluxe 14in High

    The design is attractive but several of the wooden slats arrived very warped making construction challenging. Only 16 screws were delivered and the wrong size (in my view). There was a long delay in delivery contrary to what was on the website at time of purchase (blamed on Coronavirus) but meant a week of booked annual leave to sort the raised beds was not utilised. No website phone number. Overall not very impressed with Quickcrop.

    Oliver Segal

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    Timber Raised Bed Gardening Kit - Deluxe 14in High

    Impressed with my deluxe bed. Looks swish and was simple to put together even with no DIY skills whatsoever. The tip in another review about putting the planks on the outside of the bracket is simple and effective too. Love it. Will be buying another.

    Helen Morgan

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    Timber Raised Bed Gardening Kit - Deluxe 14in High

    We have 4 super attractive raised beds in a line.Easy to assemble, v. strong to withstand and keep out dogs and wild animals. Height when filled just right for root crops. Only problem when building them was that my husband threw away the wrapping including some of the screws which he hadn't noticed so we had to get more.That's the only negative and our fault anyway. Highly recommend them for amy size of garden.


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    Timber Raised Bed Gardening Kit - Deluxe 14in High

    Timber raised beds are an excellent product for Irish weather all year round. Linda


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    Timber Raised Bed Gardening Kit - Deluxe 14in High

    Excellent raised beds. Well-made from good quality wood. Safely delivered because it was well packaged. Easy to assemble. Grandchildren enjoyed filling them with compost. Looking forward to enjoying the produce. Have already recommended you to family members and friends.


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