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Edible Hedge Pack - Mixed pack of 25 bare root plants


In a nutshell....

A mix pack of bare root plants to create your own edible hedge. Contains 25 x 40-60cm plants to cover 10m of hedge. For details of included plants please see the description below. Distributed from early November to mid February annually

Distributed from mid November to mid February annually

Our bare root hedging pack contains a mix of plants to produce a haven for Autumn foragers. This fun set of 25 hedging plants provides a valuable habitat for native animals, birds and insects as well as providing some delicious treats for you in the Autumn. Most of the fruits are used to create jams, jellies, sauces and drinks with the exception of the hazel nuts and June berries which can be eaten straight from the hedge.

Edible fruiting hedge bare root plant pack

The images of native hedge fruit above and below are in the following order: Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Hazel, Elder x 2 (flowers & berries), Crab Apple, Dog Rose and June Berry. You can read more about each hedge plant under the image below. All hedge plants are supplied as 40-60cm bare root slips and are supplied in the dormant Autumn/Winter season.

Edibible fruting hedge bare root plant pack 2

Our Plants - We run a relatively small, independent nursery so our bare root plants are lifted to order rather than lifted and stored. Plants which are lifted to order are quicker to establish in Spring as their root systems spend less time out of the ground. Our plants are also grown in an exposed North West location and have had to deal with all nature can throw at them. They are supplied as tough, top quality bare root plants that will thrive on any site.

Each 25 plant pack contains the following:

7 x Hawthorn - Crataegus Monogyna
A dense, thorny native hedge plant. Hawthorn leaves can be added to an early Spring salad while the leaves are still tender. Hawthorn also produces red haws in Autumn which are used to make a jelly or homemade wine.

6 x Blackthorn (sloe) - Prunus Spinosa
The blackthorn is another attractive, native, thorny hedge. The blackthorn produces dusky purple sloes which make a delicious Christmas tipple when pricked with a pin and left to infuse in a bottle of gin.

2 x Hazel - Corylus Avellana
Common hazel is a decidious shrub and an important hedgerow plant typical in the field boundries of lowland England. The Hazel produces delicious hard shelled hazel nuts.

2 x Elder - Sambucus nigra
Elder is a fast growing flowering hedge plant common in native hedgerows and scrubland in Northern Europe. The scented white flowers are used to make elderflower cordial while the berries are used to make jam, jelly, chutney and Pontack sauce.

2 x Wild Crabapple - Malus Syvestris
Crab apple is native to most European countries and though rarer these days was a traditional addition to farmland hedges. It is thought to be the most important ancestor of the cultivated apple. Crab apples are used to make sweet crab apple jelly.

2 x Wild Pear - Pyrus Communis.
The Wild Pear is a deciduous tree from southern, central and western Europe. Now naturalized in Ireland and the UK, it generally grows to a medium sized tree, but is also suitable to be trained as a hedge. The small hard fruits of the Wild Pear are eaten by birds such as thrush and blackbirds but can also be used like crab apples to make a sweet jelly.

2 x Dog Rose - Rosa Canina
The Dog Rose is commonly seen scrambling through cottage style hedges adding colour with it's (usually) pink flowers. The Dog Rose produces bright red rose hips in Autumn which are used to make syrup, tea and marmalade.

2 x Snowny Mespilus (June berry) - Amelanchier Lamarckii
The Juneberry is a decidious flowering shrub which makes an ideal addition to a fruiting hedge. It produces white star shaped flowers followed by fruits which turn from dark red to purple when ripe. The fruits are edible and have a sweet apple flavor and are delicious in pies and preserves.


Write a Review
February 12th, 2021
Exceptional value, fantastic customer service, looking forward to seeing and helping more garden wildlife.
October 29th, 2018
The Edible hedge is a great concept for sure.While I already have some of the varieties in the ground. I like the idea of a specially planted continuous hedge both for the house and also for the Birds if they beat me too the harvest which is a common occurrence. Not planted yet but heeled in and will be in the ground very soon.I'll let you know of the progress in due course.
Ask a Question
Asked By Chris Campbell
on October 14th, 2021
How would these fair in the cold wet far reaches of Donegal
Answered by Niall
on October 14th, 2021
Hi Chris These grew very well for me in a windy Sligo field. Once the ground is not waterlogged in the winter it should be fine Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Lisa Buckley
on September 07th, 2021
Hi Niall, we plan to plant an evergreen hedge along our garden wall and would love to add the edible hedge plants too. Can you recommend an evergreen which would work alongside this pack? thank you
Answered by Niall
on September 07th, 2021
Hi Lisa This works really well with Beech hedging Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Caitriona
on August 30th, 2021
I have an stretch of about 45m long. I would like to keep the hedge compact. Am I correct in thinking I would need 3 packs of the hedging, with plants spaced at 60cm intervals? Also would this spacing allow me to maintain the hedge at about 5ft?
Answered by Niall
on August 31st, 2021
Hi Caitriona Yes your measurements are spot on. 3 packs for 45m at 60cm spacing. And yes that is about perfect to maintain it at about 5/6 feet tall. When planting get a bucket of seafeed and just add a small handful in with each plant. It will make a big difference to how quickly they get established Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Donal O'Brien
on July 26th, 2021
Hi. How do these plants look throughout the winter? Do they retain any/much foliage (like Laurel would say) or do they end up completely bare until spring?
Answered by Carmel
on July 27th, 2021
Hi Donal, gpod question. Lots of interest in spring, summer and autumn but yes, it would be almost completely bare in winter.
Asked By Bridget Loughlin
on June 20th, 2021
When should an edible hedge be pruned? And to what height?
Answered by Diarmuid
on June 22nd, 2021
We would not recommend pruning till the winter months when all harvest is over and just nip back slightly thanks Diarmuid
Asked By Angela Munro
on January 24th, 2021
Hi, I have ordered this hedge, and as per you estimated delivery times, it is likely to be very cold for four or five days after. Please could you advise me how warm it needs to be to plant them, and if I can't plant them, and should I heel them in? Also, if I can cover the ground for a few days, so that it isn't as frozen, would this be okay to plant in? Thank you in advance.
Answered by Niall
on January 25th, 2021
Hi Angela Best to put some compost in the bag they come in and wait for it to warm up a little. That said once the ground is not frozen they are fine to go in and no need to cover the ground once you have them planted Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Dermot
on January 08th, 2021
Hi. First off are these in stock at the min. I might not be ready to plant the Edible Hedge Pack in their final spot straight away. Can I pot them up and plant later this year or plant them in a spare part of the garden and then move them. If potable what size pots and would normal potting compost do? I have an overgrown area at the end of my garden which im clearing. Some large Hawthorn and was thinking of letting these grow as trees also like a small woodland to benefit wildlife. Would this work. There is a large mound or berm 10ft or more high separating my garden from a farm. Could some of these be planted into this to bind it or should they only be planted on flat ground. Thanks
Answered by Niall
on January 11th, 2021
Hi Dermot They are in stock You can plant them up elsewhere or in pots and move later. Pots would need to be at least a 1ft wide Turning these in to a woodland type area makes a lot of sense. I wouldn't plant on the hill as they will get more wind and won't come on as quickly Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Darren Sheils
on December 15th, 2020
Hi Niall. I received my pack and they are in great order. I've planted them roughly a foot to a foot and a half apart and they fit perfectly along the wall. Reading the other questions I'm not too confident that they will grow too tall, which I'd like them to be at least 2metres over time. If they are planted this close, how tall will they grow? How bushy will they be? And if they are closer together will that effect the crop of fruit on each plant? Learning as I go along here
Answered by Niall
on December 16th, 2020
Hi Darren I am afraid by planting them so close you will have an issue with height. If you space them 3ft apart you will get higher growth. That said the way you have them will make for a denser hedge faster. What a lot of people do is plant close and then after about 2 years of growth thin them out. This is taking out the weaker ones along the row Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Darren
on November 15th, 2020
Hi Before i order this pack i just want to be sure I make the right choice. I've seen different recommendations that mixture of farmyard manure and soil should be used when planting them? Is this necessary? Also I live in an urban area with a boundary wall about 2 metres high. Will it effect their growth and "hedgieness" if I keep them trimmed at this height over time? Thanks
Answered by Niall
on November 16th, 2020
Hi Darren This hedging will grow in poor enough soil so no real need for the manure although some feed on the surface of the soil will help improve the speed of growth. If you keep them trimmed back to 2m they will just thicken up more down below as that is where the energy for the growth will go. So you will just end up with a nice thick hedge which is what most people are after Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Ross Golden-Bannon
on November 12th, 2020
Hi there, we're planning a hedgerow for our community garden so we are keen to see early results (!) As they are approx 60cm slips, roughly how long to maturity? Or is there an option to buy more mature plants for faster results. Thanks, Ross
Answered by Niall
on November 12th, 2020
Hi Ross The majority of the plants in the Edible Hedge Pack are very fast growing so from this size to a good sized hedge you are looking at 3/4 years. We can look at getting more mature hedging but i would have to get a price on that for you. If you are interested in that i might ask you to email in to our customer service email through the website or support@quickcrop.com Regards Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Ann Hetherington
on November 04th, 2020
Hi Niall. Are your edible hedging packs grown from native Irish stock? It would be great if a majority of them are native. Thanks
Answered by Niall
on November 04th, 2020
Hi Ann All native plants and grown here as well Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Olive O'Connell
on October 25th, 2020
Hi Niall, how would you recommend prepping the ground for these? Do I need to clear all grass? Also do they need fertiliser when being planted? And how deep should they be sown?
Answered by Niall
on October 26th, 2020
Hi Olive So they are very easy to plant. You literally just put a spade down in to the ground the full length of the spade. They push the spade to one side while in the ground and push the plant down the back of the spade while lifting the spade out. Then firm the ground down and you are done. Clearing the grass does make a big difference to the speed the plant comes on. You can top dress the soil with some chicken manure pellets which will slowly feed the roots of the plants. Other than that just let nature do its thing Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Siobhan
on October 21st, 2020
How deep do the roots of this hedging extend?
Answered by Niall
on October 22nd, 2020
Hi Siobhan The spread of the roots can be anywhere from 3feet to 12 feet however most are deep rooting so they don't show above the surface at all Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Deborah Hunt
on October 21st, 2020
Good afternoon, I appreciate these are sold as a ‘hedging pack’ but would they also be suitable to grow taller & train over a pergola? To have a living, edible archway.
Answered by Niall
on October 21st, 2020
Yes of course Deborah however depending on how wide the Pergola is you may only need a few of the plants for that purpose. The rest can be planted along a hedge line if you have one Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Hilde
on October 20th, 2020
I would like to order this hedge, but cannot plant until travel restrictions are lifted. Can I arrange delivery (hopefully in December?).
Answered by Niall
on October 20th, 2020
Hi Hilde You can of course. After you place your order just email back in with the order number and the date you would like it delivered. The couriers will be delivering right through the restrictions and leaving goods without a signature anyway. But happy to accomodate a later delivery date Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Noel Rice
on October 20th, 2020
Does the price include or exclude VAT. If it includes VAT, what is the rate? I need to know this for a grant application.
Answered by Niall
on October 20th, 2020
Hi Noel It includes vat and at the lower rate of 13.5% Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Adrian
on October 13th, 2020
Hi, Do the hazel come in male and female? Thanks
Answered by Niall
on October 14th, 2020
Morning Adrian Yes there is a mix of both in the pack Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Terry Hopp
on October 11th, 2020
Hello, I live in a farming community and allow a local farmer to graze his cows on my field. I was thinking about using this hedge to separate the front “garden” area from the “grazing” area. Are any of the plants toxic to livestock?
Answered by Niall
on October 12th, 2020
Hi Terry To be 100% honest i am not sure but looking at the list the only one that might be an issue is the Dog Rose. However as humans can eat them i can't see why a cow or sheep couldn't Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Raechel
on September 26th, 2020
Hello, we are looking at replacing hedging along our boundary. How quickly does it grow height wise? Many thanks
Answered by Niall
on September 28th, 2020
Hi Rachel They come at a height of roughly 2ft by year 2 they should be about twice that and then they really start to take off and thicken up. Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Mel
on July 21st, 2020
Hi - is it possible to get an email notification as soon as the edible hedge pack is back in stock? Thanks a million, Mel
Answered by Niall
on July 21st, 2020
Hi Mel They will be back in stock at the end of September and we will have plenty in stock so no need to worry but i will send you an email once back in as well Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Daleen Healy
on June 17th, 2020
Will these be back in stock for planting thus autumn or early 2021 ? Many thanks
Answered by Niall
on June 17th, 2020
Hi Daleen They will be back on the website for sale from late September Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Fiona Finn
on March 23rd, 2020
Do they thrive planted in any particular sequence ? Can they be spaced out more than 3ft so they can spread out or better 3 foot max ? Very shallow soil here in clare and exposed, would the mix be ok ? Also would you have fuchsia and honey sickle or is less more ?
Answered by Niall
on March 23rd, 2020
Hi Fiona Spacing of more than 3ft will allow them get bigger and in time stronger however your initial growth will be a lot slower. Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Morgan Cunningham
on January 29th, 2020
I havng an allotment and I was considering planting these along the side of the plot to act as a source of berries but also to act as a wind break. As it is an allotment I cannot grow these too high, how high would I need to grow these in order to get a yield of berries and nuts?
Answered by Niall
on January 30th, 2020
Hi Morgan You can keep them cut back below 5ft and still get very good crops Niall Quickcrop
Asked By elaine keep
on November 29th, 2019
Hi, am new to this- can you say what spacing each plant requires? I have an oddly shaped garden and I need to plot out where these would go. Great idea though- this may well be my Christmas present.
Answered by Niall
on November 29th, 2019
Hi Elaine We advise 2ft if you are looking for a very compact hedge or 3ft for faster growth. This is the hedge that gives back. We sell a stack of them and they really are great fun. Niall Quickcrop
Asked By iliana
on November 05th, 2019
Hello, in the description it says 25 plants cover 7-8m (26 feet) of hedge, but as answer to a previous question you say you plant these 3 ft apart (therefore it should cover 25x3=75 feet of hedge). Would you please clarify? thanks!
Answered by Niall
on November 06th, 2019
Hi Iliana I will get this changed. If you want a very dense hedge then you can plant them as close as 1ft part each however to get good height in your hedge we recommend a better spacing is 2/3ft apart. Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Iliana
on September 29th, 2019
Hi there, we live in the west of ireland in a very exposed location (wind+seaspray) would this combination work, or should I buy some hardy plants for exposure separately? thanks!
Answered by Niall
on September 30th, 2019
Hi Iliana Our nursery is in the West of Ireland actually so this mix will work perfectly well growing there as the mix is a very hardy combination Nial Quickcrop
Asked By Kate
on February 06th, 2019
Hi. When is best to plant these? Is feb too late?
Answered by Megan
on February 07th, 2019
Hi Kate, For any of our bare-root stock October to late February is always the best time to plant so right now is absolutely perfect! Regards, Meg Quickcrop
Asked By Catherine Woolfe
on January 30th, 2019
Hello ... I am looking to plant these in amongst sections of bolted hawthorn hedge along a northern boundary line. It doesn't get much sunlight due to a small copse of trees nearby. Can you tell me if it likely that this hedge will take and thrive, or am I dreaming?! I don't want to plant these if they will wither and die, because that would be too sad! Many thanks, Catherine
Answered by Niall
on January 31st, 2019
Hi Catherine To be honest it is hard to tell without seeing it however the varieties in this pack are very hardy and tend to come on in most environments. If there is little or no light then it is hard to know however if a hawthorn hedge managed to come on then i would have every confidence that this new hedging will Regards Niall Quickcrop
Asked By William Griffiths
on November 27th, 2018
Answered by Niall
on November 27th, 2018
Hi William Typically all hedging of this sort should be planted 2.5 to 3ft apart Regards Niall Quickcrop

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Edible Hedge Pack - Mixed pack of 25 bare root plants
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Edible Hedge Pack - Mixed pack of 25 bare root plants
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