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multi purpose gardening tool

'Golden Gark' - Garden Rake, Shovel and Sift

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Golden Gark strong polycarbonate multi purpose tool.
Golden Gark raking leaves, perfect multi purpose rake, shovel and sift.

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Not just a garden rake, but also a shovel and sieve


When I first saw the 'Golden Gark' multipurpose rake, shovel and sift I thought both the name and the product were completely ridiculous. I was given a sample but left it in the office for a week or so before I tried it out. No surprise where this is going....it is brilliant, a truly fabulous tool. The video is the best way to explain it so do watch it, here's what I think of it below:


The idea is it's a multi purpose rake, shovel and sieve. The beauty of it is you can rake up leaves or weeds and pick them up with the same tool. My favourite use is using it in conjunction with my oscillating hoe for super quick weeding and tidying. Use the hoe to cut out any weeds and the 'Gark' (why did they call it that?) for cleaning up. You can rake up the weeds and any stones easily, turn the tool and pick them up. Here's the best bit: because of the shovel shape and long rake tines you can use it to sift out any valuable soil leaving you with just weeds and stones. It is absolutely perfect for this job, it really is! It is also perfect for collecting Autumn leaves.



The tool is very light but made from advanced polycarbonate making it virtually unbreakable. Polycarbonate is a material used in the aero industry as it's lightweight yet very strong. You will be surprised how much you can lift with this deceptive tool and will wonder how you ever managed without it. It also makes a great and unique gift.


  • Multipurpose rake, shovel and sifting screen.
  • Very light yet very strong.
  • Perfect for raking and tidying leaves, weeds and separating stones from valuable soil.
  • Collect windfall apples, conkers, pine cones and more.
  • Clean stables and easily separate manure from bedding.

What else do I need?

Product Reviews     Reviews

'Golden Gark' - Garden Rake, Shovel and Sift

By Beverly
24 August 2011

the marvelous golden gark
This is the most versatile garden implement ever. It does everything, is easy to use, strong enough to handle heavy dirt and rocks. Ergonomically correct. The best product, used for manure, dog waste, gravel, mulch and leaves. Makes cleaning my horses stalls a breeze. Thank you for this wonderful tool.

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