Hotbin Composter - Hot Compost Bin 200 Litres

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  • The Hotbin Mark II Composter works over 30 times faster than a regular compost bin by heating up your household and garden waste to 60 degrees Celsius
  • The model has a 200 Litre capacity to suit a 3-4 person household
  • Create your own compost in just 30 - 90 days
  • Includes 1 x lid thermometer, 1 x kick-start bottle, 1 x internal thermometer, 1 x raking stick, 1 x cam strap and bulking agent
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    Does what is expected

    Using the quick starter bottle. I got up to 40 degrees in 2 days after receiving the hotbin it does what it says

    Wim Goris

  • 5
    Great unit

    Works really well. Great heat and great compost

    Scott Ayers

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    Hot bin

    Good product and competitively priced. Bin was simple to set up and use.

    B Kent

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    Got to working temperature within 5 days. Turns green matter into lovely compost in no time.

    Dave Anderson

  • 5

    As I bought this for a friend because I have one already and highly recommend it. Iv been harvesting the liquid from mine so far and it’s good stuff for plants. I’m still in early stages but it’s facinating … looking forward to having my own compost soon


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    Incredible how much it gets through

    I was not 100% sure this would get through the amount of waste i needed it to but it has proven to be great at that

    James Harkness

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    Hotbin problems

    I have had this bin for several years. Since I am elderly, I find it hard to mix up properly. It requires quite a bit of work, mixing, chopping, etc. and I do think that for the price it would be useful to have a metal base so that the foam base doesn't get damaged by the spade. It has never reached it's full heat potential, probably because of mixing difficulties, but for older people it does require a bit of work. No sign of rats thank goodness, but the sides have been gnawed by something!


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    Hotbin mark 2

    I’m obsessed with Hotbin! Have it 10 months, the leachate is like rocket fuel for my plants - haven’t used my brown food recycling bin done I got it . Lucky to have access to unlimited shredded paper from previous workplace .compost is “lumpy” but super effective as a mulch or on base of pots . Much easier to empty than I thought . Have it raised up on bricks and stone slab so leachate easy to access .my best ever garden purchase

    Patricia mangan

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    Hotbin Composter - Hot Compost Bin 200 Litres

    Very well insulated only took few days to deliver, happy customer.

    Colin P.

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