Klasmann Organic Seed Compost - 70 Litre

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  • A very high quality organic seed compost for seed germination because of its extra fine particle size.
  • Intentionally lower in nutrients than multipurpose compost which helps improve germination.
€15.95 - €479.00
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    Klassman peat free compost

    V. nice fine lump free. Easy to use.


  • 5

    This is the best soil I have ever used for seeding. Thank you!


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    Excellent Seed Compost

    I've used this for a few years now. Found the quality to be always consistent. Germination is excellent and with the price of seeds these days I'll keep buying this compost. I've also found over the years that very few seedlings seem to suffer from the dreaded damping-off disease when started off in this compost.

    Abigail O'Donovan

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    Seed compost

    Excellent product. Light and fine, perfect for delicate seeds, all of which are germinating. A little goes a long way. Well worth the price. Will buy again and purchase the potting compost for next

    Ursula Moran

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    Best Seed Compost Available

    I wouldn't use anything else. Using the best compost gives the best seedlings in my opinion

    Magda Migorun

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    Klasmann Organic Seed Compost - 70 Litre

    0 complaints here, it's heavy tho

    Kath Grennan

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    Klasmann Organic Seed Compost - 70 Litre

    Can't fault the order process, is anyone else here because it's cheaper than quickcrop sell it on amazon?

    Rog Fleming

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    Klasmann Organic Seed Compost - 70 Litre

    I'm getting 90%+ germination rates with this compost and the texture and feel of the compost is great, I'll be sticking to this seed compost in future

    Victor Hart

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    Klasmann Organic Seed Compost - 70 Litre

    This is the first seed compost I've ever bought. It's a lovely fine texture, perfect for small seeds. Good germination so far and really nice to handle (4 year old twins keep asking if they can sow more seeds because they love getting their hands into it!)