Mizuna - Asian Salad

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A fast growing, reliable and mild-tasting Asian mustard green with dark green and glossy serrated leaves. Much slower to bolt than other Asian greens. 250 Seeds.

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    Oriental salad, Mizuna

    Oriental salads have to be the best winter products for fresh eating! easy to grow and they just keep on going in the winter (in the tunnel). this was my first winter with a tunnel and the mizuna has been one of my favourite plants. i put three to five seeds to each station and they have bee growing all winter long. the sowing was made in august.Take the leaves from the outside and leave the heart. even at minus 7 outside the plants recovered quick enough. they have a beautiful reddish purple hue and liven up your salad with a slightly spicy taste. I highly recommend it especially as a fall/ winter crop because there are no flea beetle holes:-) you could always net them of course


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