Roll Mix Composters For Your Small Composting Needs

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  • The roll mix composter can be rolled by hand and the compost gets turned within.
  • A fabric layer allows raw material to stay warm and assist the fermentation process with air holes for a little circulation and ventilation
  • Can make up to approximately 120 litres of compost in a speedy 6 weeks!
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    Roll Mix Composters For Your Small Composting Needs

    We bought our RollMix composter at the beginning of January. It's now the end of February, and it's already falling apart. Within just a couple weeks of use, the ends of the wires that help it to hold its shape had poked their way out of their casing. Within a month, the casing was torn along most of its length. In this cold weather it's hard to say whether it's helping our kitchen scraps to break down, but at this rate I'm not sure it will survive until the warmer weather arrives. In all fairness, having an enclosed container does make turning the compost easier relative to a bin or a heap, and it can still be rolled without the wires, just not quite as easily. We'll keep using it until it falls apart completely, but I'm very glad I only paid £7.50 for it!


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