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  • seafeed natural plant fertiliser and feed
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  • Seafeed is a natural product for vegetable gardening
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Seafeed Natural Seaweed Extract & Poultry Manure Fertilizer


In a nutshell....

Seafeed is our own mix of natural seaweed extract and poultry manure fertilizer, the 2 best natural ingredients for feeding plants. Used to be called Seamungus.

Bucket Size

Seafeed Seaweed & Poultry Manure Plant Feed & Natural Fertilizer

N.P.K: 4-3-3

We all know chicken manure pellets are an excellent source of nitrogen for the plants in our vegetable garden. Nitrogen is the element responsible for green, leafy growth and so is what you want for crops like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale and spinach. Seafeed goes a few steps further by mixing free range poultry manure, fish, seaweed and humic acid to create the best natural fertilizer pellet available. This is the best all round natural pellet fertilizer we're come across and is a vital part of our garden toolkit, highly recommended. Seafeed was formerly available on our site as Seamungus.

Seafeed undergoes a unique composting process which has been designed to stabalise the nutrient content and to maximise the availability of those nutrients. The finished pellets are guaranteed free of any pathogens, parasites and weed seeds.

Vegetable plants take a lot of nutrients form your garden soil and as we remove the vegetables and eat them very little of these valuable elements are returned to your garden. The benefits of adding organic materials to your garden are well known with seaweed being recognised as one of the top performers. Seaweed contains naturally occurring growth stimulants as well as a very broad range of essential minerals and trace elements which are used in the growth of strong, healthy plants.

Choose Your Size
We Supply our Seafeed plant food in 2 different size buckets; 4kg and 10kg. Please choose the required one using the Bucket Size Tab above.

Why is seaweed so beneficial?

Seaweed has been used for centuries by Celtic and Scandinavian people as a soil improver, in fact in many cases (the Aran Islands off the West coast of Ireland for example)  the soil has been entirely built on a seaweed base.

The sea is very rich in minerals and as the seaweed grows it absorbs minerals in its plant tissues which are then released and made available to plants when the seaweed is broken down. Scientists have found in seaweeds a veritable soup of plant-growth stimulants, vitamins, chelating agents, trace minerals, enzymes, and amino acids, all of which influence the growth of plants in different ways.

Studies have shown that seaweed can produce dramatic results in plants including 40 percent increase in yield from cucumbers and potatoes. Plants have been seen to have better frost tolerance, increased seed germination and a greater ability to absorb trace elements. Plants also seem to suffer less transplant shock because of the growth hormones contained in seaweed so handy as a liquid feed before planting out vegetable seedlings.

Pellet Form

Manufactured from fish, seaweed, humic acid and manure
Analysis (dry weight basis)

Nitrogen (N) as Organic 4.0
Phosphorus (P) as Citrate Soluble 1.0
Potassium (K) as Organic 1.5
Sulphur (S) as Organic 1.0
Calcium (Ca) as Organic 5.0
Magnesium (Mg) as Organic 0.8
Iron (Fe) as Organic 0.5
Manganese (Mn) as Organic 0.045
Zinc (Zn) as Organic 0.03
Copper (Cu) as Organic 0.0075
Boron (B) as Organic 0.04
Molybdenum (Mo) as Organic 0.0003
Water Holding Capacity  60- 70%
Humic Acid  4 - 6%
Organic matter  60 - 65%

This is lovely stuff! made from from poultry manure & seaweed. A very easy to handle and effective soil improver for all soil types. Much more bang for your buck than standard chicken manure pellets. Health tonic for plants. Manufactured from seaweed, fish, humic acid and manure. A full range of plant nutrients in a natural form. Suitable for all plants including natives and is ideal for establishing new plants, particularly bare-rooted roses and vegetable plants.


Only needs to be applied every 6-8 weeks.

Contents: 4kg Tub or 12kg Bucket

NPK: 4-3-3

Application rates:
Vegetables 200g per M².
Potatoes 250g per M².
Lawns 100g per M².
Planting Fruit 250g per plant mixed through soil around planting hole.
Beds and Borders 200g per M² raked into soil in Spring and Autumn.


Write a Review
Roger D
May 15th, 2020
I always come back to the Seafeed great results and I've been telling everyone I know to pick up a bottle of it.
April 30th, 2020
I like the size of the product and price. i feel its good value for a good prouct and convience of use in pellet form. it arrived very quick and packaging was recycling. Very excited to see the results in the coming months.
November 30th, 2018
Seaweed for your garden - in easy to use pellets. I bought Seafeed with chicken manure, after reading about the benefits of putting seaweed onto your vegetable plots and borders. I went for the 12kg bucket, as it offered great value, and offering enough pellets to do all the areas I need without running out Easy to apply, virtually odourless, so far, so good. Obviously the proof will be in how the plants themselves perform next season. I'm confident that this will be a product I come back to using, throughout the year...
September 27th, 2018
Breaks down easily in the soil. Easy to distribute.
August 29th, 2018
December 05th, 2017
Would like to see a price incentive on this product,with the price showing a reduction depending on how many one buys. Might encourage larger sales!
Ask a Question
Asked By Anne McGee
on April 01st, 2020
how much of the seaweed and manure mix should I apply per sq meter and is it ok to use on all my vegetables i.e. turnip, carrots parsnips, beetroot and peas. Should I also use it to sprinkle around my fruit bushesnd pple trees. Thanks
Answered by Niall
on April 02nd, 2020
Hi Anne About 1 large handful per square metre and yes it is good to add to the soil for all veg and fruit. Just go easy on carrots and parsnips and don't feed blueberries Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Jane Rogers
on August 13th, 2019
Hi. Is the Seafeed particularly smelly? My dog can't be trusted not to dig in beds that have a delicious pong! Thanks, Jane
Answered by Niall
on August 13th, 2019
Hi Jane It is for the first few days i'm afraid. Once the elements get at it the smell does go away but if you have a dog that loves smelly stuff he will be on to this in a light Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Peter
on May 21st, 2019
Do you know the source of the chicken manure for this product? I am concerned about antibiotics, heavy metals, GMO feed, E coli, salmonella and other nasties associated with intensive chicken farming which could end up in the chicken manure. It is sad I have to even ask this question. Many Thanks
Answered by Niall
on May 21st, 2019
Hi Peter We do. It is from an Organic chicken farm in Monaghan Ireland and the product is cleared as Organic as the seaweed is obviously organic as well Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Mary
on May 08th, 2019
Hello, question about potatoes... can last year's that have started to sprout be planted now?
Answered by Niall
on May 08th, 2019
Yes Mary. Provided they haven't started to go green Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Mary
on April 19th, 2017
Is Sea feed suitable for potato plants , And can you give your recommendations for growing same please?
Answered by Andrew
on April 24th, 2017
Hi Mary. Yes, Seafeed will be suitable for growing potatoes but I would be sparing with it as you don't want too much nitrogen or you will get too much leafy growth. I include a link to our video on growing potatoes which I hope will help:
Asked By Andy
on February 21st, 2017
Where does the poultry manure come from? I realise it's great for plants, but I don't want anything that's come from any kind of intensive farming!
Answered by Andrew
on February 22nd, 2017
Hi Andy. A very good question. It actually now comes from Organic chicken farms. The product is not fully certified Organic yet however it will be very soon. We know this manufacturer very well and he is very conscious like ourselves of doing things the right way so rest assured it is not from intensive farms.
Asked By John cunniffe
on April 30th, 2016
Do you do pallets of 12kg bucket size? Do you have a wholesale price for pallet quantity?
Answered by Andrew
on May 03rd, 2016
Hi John. Thank you for your question. We can always work out a trade price for pallet quantities. If you give us a call directly in the office we will talk to you on it.

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