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Seafeed Organic Seaweed Meal Soil and Plant Feed


In a nutshell....

Seafeed organic seaweed meal is made from dried and ground sustainably harvested seaweed. Seaweed meal is a very effective soil feed which improves soil structure, increases plant yield and helps plants withstand attack from pests and disease.

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Seaweed is one of the best gifts you can give your garden as it has long term positive effects on your soil and your plants. Seaweed meal is a ground and concentrated alternative to adding fresh seaweed to your garden, it is dry and easy to handle and store.

Seaweed meal contains:

Alginate gels vastly increase the microbial population in your soil. Soil health and plant growth are directly proportional to the concentration of soil microbes, large microbial populations mean larger, healthier plants. Alginates also absorb large quantities of moisture which increases moisture retaining capacity of your soil. Alginate is present in seaweed meal at levels of between 16 and 26%.

Growth Hormones and Biochemical Compounds
Seaweed meal contains a range of beneficial plant hormones and biochemical compounds. The plant hormone cytokinin promotes plant cell division and growth thereby increasing yield. Cytokinin has also been shown to strengthen plant immune systems making them better able to cope with pests or disease.

Insoluble Carbohydrates
Insoluble carbohydrates in seaweed meal acts as a soil conditioner (improves aeration & soil structure, especially in clay soils).

Seaweed meal:
Increases yield.
Improves germination.
Increases uptake of soil nutrients.
Increases resistance to pests/insects.
Increases resistance to frost.
Is 100% Organic


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August 23rd, 2017
Grateful for quick service. have not used product yet..............getting there... Eilish
March 15th, 2017
Cleared the last of the veg (and weeds) from our raised beds. Into the fourth year now and need to replenish soil. This was the best all purpose option for adding to soil now, very easy to sprinkle over beds. Looking forward to good crops next year.
January 15th, 2016
i love this garden feed because its made from seaweed and is absolutely brilliant for everything that grows. Its has a sweet smell so no funky smell in your garden after applying. Plus it does wonders for your soil. Whats not to love. Since started using it, my trees, shrubs and flowers have given their all in beautiful flowers and healthy foliage. Whats not to love.
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Asked By James C
on October 08th, 2020
Would this product be suitable for mechanical application (by unpowered pedestrian spreader) to a 0.75-1 acre playing field? With cost constraints in mind, I'd prefer to suggest a dry feed initially with a view to switching to liquid feed (and the more expensive spreading equipment that comes with it!) at a later date. The site is on sand (both topsoil and subsoil) and the turf has been neglected. An external contractor has been responsible for cutting the grass since the playing field was resurfaced several years ago, resulting in compaction and generally unhealthy turf. As the playing field doesn't need particularly high quality turf but the site owner would like healthy turf all year, I initially plan to aerate (probably using a towed slit aerator as a result of budget and time constraints), and then feed and overseed at an appropriate time (hopefully soon, but possibly when the weather conditions are right early next year). Ongoing site maintenance would follow the same basic
Answered by Niall
on October 08th, 2020
Hi James It is very loose and may travel through the mechanical system you are using to easily and as a result to much might be applied over a smaller area. It may be best to get a small amount first and try it. The product itself is perfect for what you are looking to do it is just whether it will work with your applier Niall Quickcrop
Asked By annette wass
on September 02nd, 2020
Hi I cant quite get my head round when and how to use the seaweed meal soil and plant feed or the seaweed /poultry manure ?! thanks ,Annette
Answered by Niall
on September 02nd, 2020
Hi Annette That is fine. The seaweed meal is essentially for building plants immune systems and helping feed and look after plant health. The Seafeed is more of a slow release to feed the roots of the plant. If you have ground that you want to look after over winter and make sure it is in great shape in the Spring now is the time to put down the meal. If you have soil with plants in it over winter then i would use the Seafeed. I hope this helps Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Jason Skelton
on July 13th, 2020
Hi, We're doing a major garden overhaul and have just scraped off the top 2 inches of our dry and poor quality law. As expected, the soil below is compacted and beyond a depth of 50cm, quite heavy (clay). As I'm turning this area (c.300m2) from lawn into flower beds, borders, shrub and tree planting areas, I need to improve the soil, which I suspect is lacking in both nutrients and structure. I was thinking about well-rotted horse manure or composted bark but the volumes involved would be excessively huge. As I currently use liquid seaweed in the garden and on the "good" lawn and love it, I wondered whether this would do the job? If so, given the area involved, would 2 bags do the trick for an initial feed, followed by annual dosing therafter? Thanks!
Answered by Niall
on July 14th, 2020
Hi Jason To be honest if you have stripped the soil back to that extent you really need to build new soil up and Liquid feeds or seafeed is not the right thing. These feeds are for existing soil to build the nutrients in the soil to feed your plants but as they are not a bulking agent they won't add much volume to the area which is what you need. I am afraid your suggestion of composted bark and manure plus topsoil is your best option but as you say will be expensive Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Dominic
on April 17th, 2020
Hello, I'd like to you this as a lawn feed. What rate would you recommend?
Answered by Niall
on April 18th, 2020
Hi Dominic I wouldn't go to heavy with it. 2/3 handfulls per square metre Niall Quickcrop
Asked By annette wass
on August 02nd, 2019
Hi do you have any breakdown of the perecentage N/K /P of the Organic Seafeed please? thanks ,Annette Wass
Answered by Niall
on August 06th, 2019
Hi Annette Seaweed Meal is not really an NPK feed so it is low in NPK. Something like 2/0.5/0.5 as it is more as a soil improver and for boosting the plants system and improving overall growth. For a higher NPK you would be better using the Seafeed mix of meal and organic chicken manure Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Peter
on May 17th, 2019
Hello What is the NPK of the organic seaweed meal? Many Thanks Peter
Answered by Niall
on May 20th, 2019
Hi Peter The NPK of Seaweed meal is almost negligable as it is more a soil improver than a plant tonic. It has a very low NPK Niall Quickcrop
Answered by Andrew
on May 20th, 2019
Hi Peter. Seaweed meal is approx 1-0-4. it is low in NPK but is more valuable as a soil improver as it adds minerals but also boosts plant's immune systems due to it's short chain sacharrides.
Asked By Sandra
on February 23rd, 2019
Hi there, I am looking for an organic fertiliser for fruit bushes and trees and don't want to keep reapplying (like with liquid seaweed). Is this product and a bit of homemade compost suitable for fruiting bushes and trees or more suitable for ornamental plants? Thanks, Sandra
Answered by Megan
on February 25th, 2019
Hi Sandra - this mix would definitely be suitable for this application, however we would make recommend that you make sure not to spread it too close to the trunk, we would say at least 1 foot away. Thanks, Meg - Quickcrop
Asked By Kirsten
on January 29th, 2019
Hello, I would like to add a boost to the garden now in the form of an organic fertiliser that I can spread over the surface of large areas and that will then breakdown and feed from spring onwards. Does this product do that? Would it be good for an allotment as well as ornamental areas? In the past I've used bonemeal for this job but don't feel comfortable using animal products anymore. I work in several gardens and would like to recommend an alternative product to clients who are a bit 'old school'....
Answered by Niall
on January 30th, 2019
Hi Kirsten The Seaweed meal is excellent but it sounds more like you need a slow release fertiliser so i would recommend from the same family Seafeed Organic manure pellets which are actually the Seaweed meal mixed with Organic chicken manure in pellet form. This product is applied at a rate of roughly 1 handful per square metre and will wash down gradually through the soil and is excellent for bringing on areas where the soil and plants need a boost Regards Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Martin
on April 16th, 2018
Hi Niall, I have a large collection of chilli plants nearly ready for planting out in the greenhouse, before I do so I wanted to give them a boost with the seaweed. I have a 25kg bag of it bought last year, and I want to make a small amount, say one litre, of the seawweed in water mix to feed them with. How much of the powder should I put in one litre of water for seedlings? Many thanks Martin
Answered by Niall
on April 16th, 2018
Hi Martin Two decent size handfuls per litre but to be honest you don't need to mix it. If you put it on the soil after you have planted them then each time you water you will slowly wash the nutrients down to the roots which is actually better Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Maggie
on April 12th, 2018
Hi Andrew, I noted the description says this product helps germination. Does that mean it can be used with seed compost? How would you use it for germination, would it have to be dissolved in water? Thank you!
Answered by Niall
on April 13th, 2018
Hi Maggie You just mix it through the seed compost. As it is slow release it also helps warm the soil for germination purposes and it is not to strong so that when the plants create their first roots it doesn't burn the roots as other feeds might. Regards Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Kris
on March 09th, 2018
What is the application rate? Where is it produced? Thank yiu
Answered by Niall
on March 09th, 2018
Hi Kris. One large handful per square metre is the application rate. It is produced from naturally harvested seaweed from the West of Ireland.
Asked By Rebecca
on February 06th, 2018
I've just bought some of your seaweed meal, thank you. For adding to pot plants (15cms), can I mix it with water first, to pour it on? And indeed is it of benefit to pots this small?
Answered by Niall
on February 07th, 2018
Hi Rebecca. It is definitely of use in smaller pots. If you are diluting it just be aware that it will break up in luke warm water that little bit faster. Other than that it is fine to do what you are proposing.
Asked By Margaret
on January 31st, 2018
Can l add some to my smoothie
Answered by Niall
on January 31st, 2018
Hi Margaret. This is not a food grade product and although i don't think it would do you any harm as they do feed it to horses i would suggest you would be better buying a food grade product to add to your smoothies as this particular product is for Gardening purposes only.
Answered by Niall
on January 31st, 2018
Hi Margaret. This is not a food grade product and although i don't think it would do you any harm as they do feed it to horses i would suggest you would be better buying a food grade product to add to your smoothies as this particular product is for Gardening purposes only.
Asked By D Menzies
on December 30th, 2017
Can I use' seafeed' as a lawn feed?
Answered by Niall
on January 02nd, 2018
You can indeed. It actually works really well as a lawn feed. I used it on an area of my lawn that i was having trouble with and it came out really well.
Asked By Tim Kimbrey
on November 21st, 2017
That brilliant! Have just ordered some. How much would you recommend using at the base of the trench Andrew?
Answered by Andrew
on November 22nd, 2017
Hi Tim. I would be more inclined to mix in with the compost as you fill the trench. I would use a good handful per foot of trench.
Asked By Tim Kimbrey
on November 20th, 2017
Can this be used at the base of a trench dug in Autumn and then covered with compost, to enrich the soil over winter prior to planting out Sweet Peas in Spring next year? Would this be of be of any benefit?
Answered by Andrew
on November 21st, 2017
Absolutely Tim. Sounds like a perfect idea as the Seafeed product is a slow release fertiliser and once it is dug in to the ground it will slowly release to the roots of the Sweet Peas in Spring so perfect timing really. You can also just top dress the soil in Spring with them and it will gradually wash down to the roots with the rain on the surface.
Asked By Deborah Mansfield
on May 17th, 2017
How often do i use it for plants in pots?
Answered by Andrew
on May 17th, 2017
Hi Deborah. It depends on the size of the pot but i tend to put one decent handful per pot once in the Spring, once mid summer if it is wet enough to wash it down and once in the Autumn
Asked By Becky Wells
on March 20th, 2017
How often do I use it? Once a year, in March? or more often? Thanks
Answered by Andrew
on March 21st, 2017
Hi Becky. It will feed for 10-12 weeks and can be used anytime there is growth in the garden (no point in Winter), add to the planting hole for most seedlings and as required when plants look like they need a boost. It is a natural product not high in soluble nitrogen so won't burn plant roots if you accidentally over apply.
Asked By Becky Wells
on March 19th, 2017
When do I use the seaweed meal? How often? How much per sq metre?
Answered by Andrew
on March 20th, 2017
Hi Becky. Sprinkle seawed meal on the surface of the soil and rake in. Typical application rates would be 50g per 8 square meters. I hope this helps.
Asked By Richard Eastop
on November 19th, 2016
What is the coverage per 14kg bag?
Answered by Andrew
on November 22nd, 2016
Hi Richard. I presume it is a 4kg tub you are asking about. The 4kg tub will easily cover an area of 40 sq metres spread once a year.

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