The Polytunnel book - Joyce Russell

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  • The Polytunnel Book by Joyce Russell
  • How to grow your own food in a polytunnel
  • Polytunnels extend the growing season and allow the vegetable gardener to grow warmer climate crops
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    Best book for polytunnel growers by a mile

    This is the only book you need to grow successfully in a polytunnel. I return to it again and again.

    Marie O'Dwyer

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    The Polytunnel book - Joyce Russell

    This is a brillant book for anybody who has a polytunnel. I bought it when I first got my tunnel 8 years ago and it was my guide to success. It answered all my questions and had some great advice. I referred to this book daily in the beginning and still use it weekly now 8 years later. It tells you what to plant and when. It has a month by month guide as what need to be done in order to get the most out of your tunnel. This book is a minefield of information. A must have for anybody who has a polytunnel.


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    The Polytunnel book - Joyce Russell

    Being new to the joys of the polytunnel and not knowing anyone else who has one, I needed help. This assistance came in the form of a book the Poytunnel book - by Joce Russell. Ordered simply and despatched smartly, within days I was up and running and will be for many years to come. Great service from quickcrop as always. I have six of their raised beds so I should know.


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    The Polytunnel book - Joyce Russell

    Decided to follow each month in this book regarding planting in my polytunnel and so far it has worked brilliantly. Best crop we have had so far(helped a bit by the weather)Just have to get around to my autumn sowing now!!Highly recommend it if you are gardening using a polytunnel as you will get the maximum out of your space.

    Noirin in Dublin

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