Tildenet Weather Station Thermometer

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  • Digital thermometer with external probe
  • Provides the Min and Max display of temperature and humidity
  • Indicates possible future trends
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
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    Tildenet Weather Station Thermometer

    This is a well made and useful item. It tracks the max-min temperatures inside and outside (in the area in which the sensor resides) which is a lot handier than shuffling out in my bunny slippers to check the thermometer on the shed. The one thing I need to remember is not to put the outside sensor in a place with sun! I've had wireless versions in the past and found them more versitile because you can put them further from the house. On the other hand... I've been known to lose wireless sending units when I forgot where I put them. We're happy with this unit. The price was definitely reasonable.


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