ARS Loppers LP30M

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  • A precision ground cutting blade for a nice and clean pruning wound
  • Fully forged carbon steel blade
  • Fluorocarbon coating for corrosive resistance and lubrication
  • With double damper and a comfortable plastic handle
  • Max. cutting thickness: diameter 36 mm
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    You're nicked

    I'm disappointed overall as these were expensive and the quality is not exactly what I expected. I tested them on some Privet branches and in all cut about twenty smaller branches no wider than 20cm. The cutting performance was excellent but when I went to clean and oil the tool to put away, I noticed a nick or chip in the blade. It's barely got any use and it's already nicked? I will have to work hard to try get this out but it's worrying. I have put Wolf-Garten loppers from Germany under heavy use and the blade is still perfect.


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    ARS Loppers

    I can confirm the cutting diameter as measured it myself. It has a good sharp blade on it and plenty of force from the handles.

    Ste Doherty

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