Greenhouse & Polytunnel Soil Mix - 750L Bulk Bag

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  • 10kg seaweed & poultry manure pellets, 40% envirogrind compost, 10% mushroom compost, 50% Premium Screened Topsoil.
  • A high nutrient soil mix ideal for fast and vigourous growth in greenhouses and polytunnels
  • Supplied in bulk 750 litre bags
  • Delivered direct to your property

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    Greenhouse & Polytunnel Soil Mix - 750L Bulk Bag

    The soil is good, I used to plant my tomatoes and peppers after a week I saw the difference, my tomatoes were healthy, also delivered on time and the price was good for the quantity of the soil.

    Iphigenie M

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    Polytunnel soil 750l

    Great product, this is my second year ordering this soil - very happy with my purchase. Definitely recommend.


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    Greenhouse & Polytunnel Soil Mix - 750L Bulk Bag

    Very good quality, fast delivery.

    Monika J.

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    Quality always comes at a Price

    Not the cheapest product but the quality is top class. I waited to see how things would grow in it before writing a Review and it is indeed 5 star. Everything flew up and so happy with my tunnel now that i have great soil in it

    Jarlath Mc Neise

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    Soil mix

    It’s too early to tell how good this soil is but judging on look and texture it seems to be the biz!

    sharon frost

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