Top 10 Plant Protection For The Vegetable Garden

Our Top Ten list of plant protection products for the vegetable garden. Plant protection is the practice of managing weather, weeds, pests and diseases that damage or inhibit the growth of fruit, vegetable and other horticultural crops. Proper crop protection is important to produce higher quality crops with minimal wastage.

. Moveable and reusable lantern shaped garden cloches available in polythene, micromesh and fleece.

Grow Grid Weed Suppressing Barrier  Grow Grid Mats are made from a semi permeable weed control fabric with heat sealed planting holes for growing a variety of crops. They help warm the ground and prevent weeds from growing around plants.

Butterfly and Bird Protection Netting This is a lightweight and strong mesh netting. It is a humane and natural barrier method offering excellent bird and butterfly control.

Micromesh Pest and Wind Barrier A fine mesh netting used to create a barrier around plants or sections of the garden. The mesh is fine enough to keep out pests like the carrot fly, while still allowing in sunlight and water.

Horticultural Fleece This garden fleece is a garden cover that insulates plants from cold temperatures, it is very light so it won't damage tender young plants.

Bell Shaped Plastic Cloches A pack of 3 bell shaped plastic garden cloches for giving young plants extra protection against cold, wet or windy weather and pests. They are also perfect for over wintering crops.

Animal & Pest Deterrents Here we have a selection of electronic and non-electronic pest and animal deterrents. For fast, safe and humane control of foxes, rats, mice, rabbits, deer, pigeons, household pets and more.

Copper Slug Barriers Slugs and snails are a complete nuisance in the garden. There are many non toxic methods of slug control but these are the most common and genuinely work every time. Copper gives slugs an electric shock and they turn right around.

Plastic Tunnel Cloche This is a professional style polytunnel style cloche for vegetable plants. It is designed to fit over raised beds to give all the growing plants some extra protection and extend the growing season.

Mini Polytunnels

Our mini polytunnel kits have been designed to be attached, via a hinge, to a raised bed or straight into the ground using the included ground pegs. They act as a small greenhouse providing extra warmth and plant protection at a fraction of the price of a regular polytunnel or glasshouse and can be easily moved as needed.