Where to buy vegetable seedlings online

Where to buy vegetable seedlings online

.Buying plug plants is the key to easy vegetable growing as veg seedlings already started cut out a lot of the tricky stuff that can put off a novice grower. New gardeners who haven't tried vegetable growing before get caught out as many plants like tomatoes, celery, leeks and peppers need to be sown early in the year, long before you would think it's warm enough to do so. You need equipment to start off seedlings early like propagators and heat benches so why not save yourself a headache and the expense and let us supply them for you.

We supply a broad range of ready to plant vegetable seedlings which are typically 4-6 weeks old when you receive them. We grow organically without using any chemical fertilizers and try to produce the healthiest 'plug' plants as naturally as possible.

Sugar snap pea seedling

A little about how we grow our seedlings All seeds used in our seedling range are from our seed collection which has been chosen by Irish vegetable growing expert, Klaus Laitenberger. The seeds have been chosen for their suitability to the Irish climate and ensure you have the best chance of producing top class vegetables straight out of the box. All seeds are non GMO and non chemically treated.

We use organic certified compost and don't use any chemical feeds or pest control to artificially enhance our seedlings. The only feed they get to strengthen the plant is a natural Irish produced seaweed feed.

All our pants are produced in our nurseries by our own staff, this is important to us as we know what happens to the plants every step of the way.

The seedlings we supply are grown the way we'd grow them for our own gardens meaning we're a bit hard on them. Many suppliers will produce plants which look great on the shelves but have had a pampered existence and will not be hardy enough for outdoor planting. At Quickcrop we harden off our plants meaning we slowly get them used to outside temperatures so they have the best chance of survival when planted out in your garden.

How to order vegetable seedling plants I love this bit. If you've used our site before you'll know that we try to make it as easy as possible to order what you need for your garden. Our seedling picker tool is no exception and allows you to drag and drop your choice of plants into the virtual tray below. Ordering vegetables to plant out has never been easier!

Vegetable seedling online picker tool

Being the helpful types that we are you can also click on the blue 'i' button beside each plant in the picker window to get more information on the variety and how to grow them. We constantly update information section and view it as a proper resource, not just a few tips.

Plant information window

 Our 'choose your own' plant function is available for a broad range of vegetable plants in different size packs. We also have a comprehensive herb section for those of you who want to add more complex flavours to your cooking by growing your own herb garden. You can click through to our mail order vegetable plants section below:

6 Cell Choose Your Own (tomatoes, peppers, cucumber etc....). 42 Cell Choose Your Own (Outdoor crops). 84 Cell Choose Your Own (Outdoor crops). 6 Cell Choose Your Own Herb Tray (A broad selection of culinary and medicinal herbs).

If you are unsure about what to order we also have ready picked trays for the beginner which include a selection of easy to grow vegetable seedlings.

Large Beginners Garden

If you're still in the dark about your first steps into the world of 'Grow Your Own' call us, we're always available to talk you through the process and tell you what's most suitable for your vegetable garden.