500G - 2KG Composting Worms

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€26.95 - €79.50
  • A 500g pack of composting worms for use in the Hungry Bin or Subpod wormery.
  • 500g is approximately 1500 - 2000 worms depending on the size of the worms.
  • Composting worms are available in 500G, 1KG and 2KG packs, please choose below.
  • Worm Species: Dendrobaena
  • 5

    The worms arrived safe and sound. I wasn’t able to assemble the worm composter for a few days but when the box was opened the were fat and lively.


  • 5

    Very happy settling into their new home


  • 5
    Composting Worms

    Arrived in excellent condition


  • 5
    Compost worms

    Worms arrived promptly and in excellent condition. They are now munching quietly in the compost heap.

    Patricia Carroll

  • 5
    Lots of Worms

    Thats a lot more worms than i expected. They seem to love their new home. Kids are really excited

    Philip Balmer

  • 5

    So excited about this project and so are the kids

    Pat Benson

  • 5
    Worms Galore

    I recently adopted half a kilo of composting worms, and it's been the best decision in my life. First off, these little guys are absolute legends in the kitchen scrap world. They tackle apple cores and lettuce leaves like there's no tomorrow. I swear I saw one of them wearing a tiny helmet, diving into a mound of coffee grounds like it was a pool of gold. These pets are seriously low-maintenance – no need for walks, baths, or bedtime stories. Although, I swear I heard tiny snores coming from the compost bin last night. And let's talk about their work ethic! They're like tiny, squirmy, eco-warriors. My garden is now so lush, I'm half expecting the neighbors to start asking if I've found the secret elixir of plant life. In summary, they're mighty, and they've turned composting into a hilarious eco-adventure. Ten out of ten, would recommend for a great compost!


  • 4

    Great service.

    Aine Agar

  • 5
    Tiger worms

    Tiger worms settled into their new bed. Very happy with them. Only problem no notification of their coming from seller or courier


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