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  • The Baby Hoe from Chillington tools
  • Highly maneuverable around tight spots
  • Comes with its own handle which if broken can easily be replaced
  • chillington baby hoe fullshot
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The Chillington Baby Hoe Or Light Medium Azada With Handle


In a nutshell....

The chillington baby hoe comes with handle included, it is also called a light medium azada and is great for breaking ground and digging work.

This product is currently out of stock

The Baby Hoe From Chillington, comes with handle included 

This garden tool is a light enough for anyone to use yet strong and sturdy enough for any job requiring a garden hoe.  The hoe head is tall and only 10cm/4" wide and thin but also strong and is in fact a blade which can easily be sharpened with a simple flat file. 

The Baby Hoe is very light and easy to hangle but it's strong hoe head or blade will slice through any surface weeds and also slice straght through their root system below the soils surface.  It is actually a great weeding tool which is far superior to the standard push and draw hoes you see avaliable.  It is manufactured by Chillington who are world renowned as manufacturers and suppliers of quality gardening or agricultural tools.

Our garden expert and organic growing Guru - Klaus Laitenberger, recomends the great gardening tool to his customers for general weeding and light trenching around vegetable gardens, and you can't get better advice than that.

This unique range of great perfectly designed tools from Chillington are also know as Azadas in some countries. There is no difference between an Azada or a Chillington Hoe, in fact they are the same except for the names given to them by the peoples of each country they are used. Another name given to these tools around the world Jembe and their are many others besides a Chillington Hoe or Azada in the UK. Some of you may have heard references to an Adze, Root Axe, Grape Hoe, Mattock, or Grub Hoe, which are all variations to these tools and the design differences to each tool which are purposely made for each particular task, but the most common name for these tools in the UK is Azada or Chillington Hoe and Chillington Tools in the West Midlands are the worlds leading manufacturers of these tools and have been manufacturing them for over 100 years and are still a UK company part of the Ralph Martindale group who export these great tools around the world. 



Handle Length: 120 cm (47.5 in)

Head Size: 10cm W x 16cm L (4in x 6.5in)

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Jonathan Staple
May 02nd, 2020
I love Chillington tools and unbelievably have found the baby hoe in Dad's garage! It is such an accurate little tool and I have found it really useful for weeding along the edges of my allotment. It's so light and just changing how you use it, it can dig small trenches or chop weeds off the surface of the soil. I'm 5' 8" and the 120cm handle is too short for me. For breaking up larger areas of ground, go with a forked hoe and for riding, the riding hoe is superb, it's especially good for stony soil too. These tools are superbly solid and will honestly last a lifetime! Excellent kit from Quickcrop yet again!
Darren Doherty
January 24th, 2020
Arrived quickly after putting order in over telephone.
Roo H
December 03rd, 2019
I really enjoy using this. Prefer it to the larger one as it is sharper and more precise but still moves a lot of ground quickly. Needs a nail in it to fix the head, but this is the same with all Chillington tools. Absolute asset when clearing a weedy allotment.
David Knight
March 20th, 2019
I think this is an excellent tool. bought this smaller version for my daughter who uses it in preference to a spade.
Nigella Dawson
December 14th, 2018
Arrived on time and I'm looking forward to using it to tidy up my beds. Enjoyed the free sweets that came too. THANKS QUICKCROP!!!
Liam Coote
August 05th, 2018
Last week I bought this hoe and it is a fantastic tool to use in the garden. It is so strong and sturdy. It was very easy on the back which is great for heavy work.
Trevor Oborne
June 30th, 2018
I haven't used the hoe much yet; but it has done the jobs extremely well. I haven't found any faults. It's a pity it didn't come in a 50mm width or a double sided one (100mm one side and 50mm the other.
Mary AnnODonoghue
June 09th, 2018
SeamusO Ciardhuain
December 19th, 2017
Very effective and easy to use; can dig even unprepared ground quickly with it. The longer version of the handle gives great leverage when digging. I found it hard to get the head to stay on but a couple of nails wedged it securely.
Jayne McGonigal
August 30th, 2017
This is a magic piece of equipment which allowed me (oap) to easily dig holes in the field without too much effort. Bushes and trees were all dug in very quickly. If I had known more about it maybe I would have got the longer handle for more leverage but that is being nit picky!
June 09th, 2017
The Chillington Hoe is great for light/medium ground breaking, making shovelling look too much like hard work. Great product.
February 20th, 2017
I use to clear grass and weeds around trees and shrubs. It is light but still packs a strong enough punch to easily clear weeds and grass from about fruit trees, etc. It and all the chillington tools are aesthetically pleasing. I can't get the head to stay tight on handle.
Michelle Devaney
September 23rd, 2016
Brilliant for weeding smaller areas as well as loosening soil and getting into tough spots a larger hoe would have trouble with.
Susan Power
September 06th, 2016
First of all, I would like to thank Niall and Andrew, for their fast response and replacement head, Its so refreshing not to have to go through a mind boggling process about a faulty item. well done Quickcrop! used new head this weekend,on quite a few difference areas in veg garden,dug over the winter seaweed beds, and it cut into them with ease, also weeded around old chestnut tree, and got into soil braking it up and clearing it of weeds, Am looking forward to building up the collection of this tools
July 03rd, 2016
The smaller chillington hoe is much easier to use for someone of my age and is versatile in tight situation for rough weeding and digging. Certainly saves your back! It must be the best tool I have used for years Barry
Ask a Question
Asked By Mrs Catherine Smith
on February 28th, 2020
Can I purchase a 140 cm handle separately? I recently purchased this hoe but forgot to check the handle length.(which is 120 cm) I have a swivel hoe from yourselves with the longer handle which is more comfortable for me to work with.
Answered by Niall
on February 28th, 2020
Good afternoon Catherine You can of course. If you go to the search bar on the website and put in Handle and scroll down you will find the handles for sale on their own. There is a small tab button beside the price. Just hit that and it will give you handle options. Just choose the Extra long one and add to your cart Niall Quickcrop
Asked By Mal
on November 05th, 2017
Has the problem of the loose head been rectified please?
Answered by Andrew
on November 07th, 2017
Hi Mal. Yes, we supply wedges to hold the Chillington handles in place if there is any issue with it becoming loose dutrng use.
Asked By Maya
on May 18th, 2017
Do I have to attach the handle and head myself ie self-asssembly? I am not very technical or very strong, as a small woman. How would I make sure the head is fitted on and won't fly off?
Answered by Andrew
on May 23rd, 2017
Hi Maya. The head and handle come seperate and the head just slides on to the handle with no screws required just the tap of a hammer to hold it in place. The action of using it then tightens the head as you use it. No danger of it flying off at all
Asked By Darren
on August 03rd, 2016
Hi I need to dig a trench 60cm deep for armoured cable to end of the garden. Which Hoe, if any, would you recommend? My soil is sandy/stoney.
Answered by Andrew
on August 03rd, 2016
Hi Darren. Thank you for your question. The Chillinton Ridging Hoe would be the best for digging a trench like this. It is easy to use and a lot quicker than the heavy duty hoe for this job.
Asked By Ruth Reddock
on May 15th, 2016
What type of wood is used for the handle of the hoe?
Answered by Andrew
on May 16th, 2016
Hi Ruth. The timber used in the handles is Eucalyptus.
Asked By Scott
on October 21st, 2015
How do you properly assemble the Chillington Crocodile Hoe and install the metal wedge they supply with the hoe and the wood handle?
Answered by Andrew
on October 22nd, 2015
Hello, the metal wedge is only needed for the heavy duty canterbury fork hoe, the rest of them you just pass the handle through the loop in the head until it stops moving, using it will wedge it in place.

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The Chillington Baby Hoe Or Light Medium Azada With Handle
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The Chillington Baby Hoe Or Light Medium Azada With Handle
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