Chillington Sickle

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  • Ideal tool for cutting back grass, bushes, hedges etc in your garden or allotment
  • Perfect for clearing around the base of vulnerable plants
  • Makes short work of weeding
  • 10 inch serrated cutting edge
  • 16 inch curved back edge

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    Chilingham sickle

    Seems like a decent quality product but the proof is in the ..


  • 4
    Chillington Sickle

    I can only give this 4 stars at the moment because I haven't used it on really tough grass or weeds. However so far it seems pretty good A lot lighter than I expected. Good for clearing around the base of tree saplings where a strimmer would risk damaging the tender bark.

    Michael S.

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    Chillington Sickle


  • 5
    Chillington Sickle

    Loving this tool, light and easy to handle


  • 5
    Chillington Sickle

    When it arrived it was smaller and lighter than I imagined so I was automatically sceptical and almost wished I had not bought it ... BUT, that was until I started using it. That small serrated blade is a shark! It does not take long to settle into a rhythmic swing that slices through all you need to cut back with ease. With its lightness it does not get tiring to use either. Don't be fooled by its small size and flimsy look. This is a powerful 'gets the work done' hard wearing tool. Don't look at it, just use it, and be thrilled at its excellent value for money and usefulness.


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    Chillington Sickle

    good sturdy tool and reasonable price


  • 5
    Chillington Sickle

    Nothing better than going back to your harvest roots than going out with a quality sickle and showing nature who's the boss. This sickle is fantastic and really dices and slices. I'd nearly use it for everything but the wife refuses to eat the sandwiches I make with it. Arrived in the nick of time.

    Nigel Horan

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