The Chillington Ridging Hoe (Azada) With Handle

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€39.95 - €42.95
  • Ridging Hoe used for making potato ridges, lazy beds or seed trenches for planting seeds and young plants.
  • Sturdy, strong and faster to work with than a traditional spade.
  • Easily form shallow grooves in the soil, and dig deeper/wider drainage channels to scoop the soil out to form narrow beds.
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    The Chillington Ridging Hoe (Azada) With Handle

    I bouht the Chillington ridging Hoe with handle recently, and I found it very easy to fit the handle. I have a bad back and found using it so easy even to uproot some heavy weeds it worked well. A great product. Will shop with tiis company again. Regards May

    May Toner

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    The Chillington Ridging Hoe (Azada) With Handle

    Perfectly suited for the job. Not only does it make earthing up the spuds a lot easier it also weeds at the same time.


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