Envirogrind Enriched Compost 850L

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  • Envirogrind is a high nutrient compost ideal for growing fruit and vegetables.
  • Composted at high temperatures from green and fish waste to give a fine consistency free of weed seeds.
  • Bag Size: 1 metre cubed approx 1 tonne (or 800kg)
  • Please read Bulk soil delivery details below before ordering
€145.00 - €149.00
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    I grow in a commune of some 80 allotments They want to know what my secret is!!

    Roddy Lyons

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    Envirogrind Enriched Compost Dublin

    Nicely delivered, and earth was as expected.

    Jennica Salwes

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    Envirogrind Enriched Compost Dublin

    Lovely rich, dark compost. Looking forward to a good season. I bag went a long way. Very happy and great to see a proper quality bulk compost instead of the rough woody stuff you see so much of. Vegetable growers heaven!

    John O'Sullivan

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    Envirogrind Enriched Compost Dublin

    My third year to use Envirogrind. I find I get excellent results when I feed the soil with this product.


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    Envirogrind Enriched Compost Dublin

    I have being using Enviro Grind compost for 3 years and I cannot find any bulk compost on the market to match this product. The older the compost gets the better it gets. In my green house I have the best tomatoes and cucumbers in all my years of gardening. And in my raised beds I have amazing carrots, parsnips, cabbage, potatoes, turnips, cauliflower, broccoli and beetroot. I am very happy with this product and thank you for your fast delivery service.

    Anita Breen

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    Envirogrind Enriched Compost Dublin


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    Envirogrind Enriched Compost Dublin

    I was very happy when my bag of Envirogrind arrived as it looked great. But now that i am harvesting my crops i can actually say the difference is in the eating. I have been growing my own for a few years and this year with the help of Envirogrind it is the first time i have had successful potatoes and Brassicas and i can really taste the difference in everything. Thanks for bringing this product nationwide.

    Cormas Martin

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    Envirogrind Enriched Compost Dublin

    Your product looks good and was easy to spread. I have just used it for the first time and I can only comment on how effective it is at the end of the season.


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    Envirogrind Enriched Compost Dublin

    Your service was first rate - quick courteous and I had the feeling I was dealing with a company I'd go back to. The only fly in the ointment was the courier but in fairness that is not your fault. When the courier rang me my heart sank as we had had dealings with them before and because we live down a slightly difficult lane and they have huge trucks and a pretty unobliging driver, deliveries tend to be fraught with difficulty. In the past he insisted on our picking up the goods on the main road; but because this was .75 of a ton that was not an option. I massaged his ego and got it dumped close to where I wanted it and in fairness it was not easy for him. I have not had time to use the product yet but it looks wonderful.