Leaf Composting Sacks (3pk)

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  • Loosley woven hessian sacks for collecting those autumn leaves or for gathering garden waste.
  • Collect the leaves that fall on your lawn or garden and pile into these composting sacks, tie them and leave alone for a year. Let the leaves sit for a further year to use as the perfect soil conditioner!
  • The leaves in the sacks will reduce over the year, leaving room to add more.
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    Leaf Composting Sacks - 1 per pack

    I wasn't too impressed with these as they are very open and the leaves were coming out the sides. I think I prefer the plastic sack but of course its not compostable. I will reserve judgement until next year


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    Leaf Composting Sacks - 1 per pack

    Great to be able to collect the leaves and reuse them as compost instead of putting them in the brown bin. The leaves don't break down properly in our existing enclosed compost bins.

    JerryO' Driscoll

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