Perlite Seedling Compost Improver

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  • Perlite volcanic rock granules are added to seed and potting compost to improve aeration, moisture retention and drainage.
  • Perlite also stimulates healthy root growth, helps increase nutrient absorbtion and water retention.
  • Plants grown in containers tend to be over rather than under watered so creating an open, aerated potting mix is essential.
  • Available in 10, 20, and 100 litre bags. Just hit the Bag Size tab to choose the size.
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    Perlite Seedling Compost Improver

    Good stuff. It was wrapped up better than my birthday presents.

    Francie Hill

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    Perlite Seedling Compost Improver


  • 5
    Perlite Seedling Compost Improver

    The most difficult thing about propagating seedlings is ensuring that the plant grows to have a healthy root structure during its infancy. When I first started planting I found that I really overwatered my seedlings which led to a lot of leggy and useless crops but I discovered this stuff here. Its a great product and really gives the plants a boost to the root structure which means they will do exceptionally well when planted out. I usually use just a pinch and it works really well. A great product.

    Michael Lee

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