The Vigo Pulpmaster Fruit Pulper

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  • This pulper can crush up to 3 kg / 6 lbs of halved or quartered apples at a time.
  • Ideal for use with the 9 litre Cast Iron Spindle Fruit Press and the 12 litre Cast Iron Fruit Press.
  • The stainless steel blade runs smoothly and the plastic bucket and lid are very strong allowing for excellent processing of fruit to pulp.

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    Can't fault. Cut my processing in half

    Paul Reid

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    The Vigo Pulpmaster Fruit Pulper

    My first time at this so started small. Happy wit the outcome though.


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    The Vigo Pulpmaster Fruit Pulper


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    The Vigo Pulpmaster Fruit Pulper

    This pulper is very cost effective and easy to use but to be honest I found it a bit weak. All worked perfectly for a while, then the blade bent as I was pushing it down through the apples and it seemed to require a lot more force. I discovered this was partly my fault. I was using a mains drill with a hand tightened keyless chuck. The chuck must not have been tight enough and the spindle was slipping in the chuck. The effect was that the knurling on the spindle (which is to give the chuck a better grip) wore off completely and this made it more very difficult to make the chuck grip it tight enough by hand. I changed to a keyed chuck, straightened the blade and everything worked well again. For a small quantity of apples this is a good solution. The instructions should recommend using a keyed chuck and not a hand tightened chuck one as I found that this leads to problems. If you are a serious pulper (larger quantities) then this may not be the solution for you...


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