How To Grow Wheatgrass - 5 Easy Steps

How To Grow Wheatgrass - 5 Easy Steps

Wheatgrass is regarded as a superfood, it is the young grass part of the sprouted wheat seed and is packed full of nutrients and vitamins. Because of this, it is an ideal addition to healthy juices and green smoothies. Wheatgrass is very easy to grow and can be grown indoors with a minimum of effort even in the winter months. Here is how to grow wheatgrass in 5 easy steps:

Soak wheatgrass seeds in water overnight

1. Soak hard winter wheatgrass seeds overnight then rinse a couple of times with cold water and drain.7

Sprouting wheatgrass seeds

2. Put wheatgrass seeds in a jar and rinse them twice a day. Place the jar upside down and at an angle for drainage. They will sprout within two days.

add 2 inches of compost to a tray of wheatgrass

3. Once the seeds have sprouted, take a seed tray and line with newspaper. Put a layer of moistened compost 1cm deep in and spread sprouted wheat seeds evenly on the surface. One small cup is enough for one standard seed tray. We recommend using an organic compost without artificial fertilizers. Living Green wormcast compost is a perfect mix.

Cover germinated wheatgrass seeds

4. Cover with a wet tea towel or upside down seed tray and place in the dark. Check twice a day and make sure the sprouts and cloth are not drying out, a water mister is perfect for this. After about 2 days the sprouts should start lifting the cloth up.

ready to hervest wheatgrass

5. Now the wheatgrass seedlings should be about 3-4cm high. Place in the light on a windowsill to grow on for about 3 or 4 more days making sure they don’t dry out. You will be ready to harvest and enjoy when the grass begins to fork or ‘joint’ which is when the stem produces a new blade of grass.

Wheatgrass Growing Kit

Very little equipment or money is needed for growing wheatgrass. All you need is a seed tray, some compost and wheatgrass seeds, which are available on this site at the following links:

Heavy Duty Seed Tray

Standard Seed Tray

Living Green Wheatgrass Compost

Seed Sprouting / Wheatgrass Growing Kit

Wheatgrass Seeds