Courgette 'Defender F1'

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A firm favourite among domestic growers as it crops so well over a long period with less maintenance than other courgettes. 15 Seeds per pack.

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    Nice courgettes. I had two problems with it. Pollination was poor. I had to use an artist's brush to tickle the male flowers and then tickle the female flowers. That may have nothing to do with the variety, possibly lack of insects. If I didn't use my brush early mornings when the flowers opened wide, the courgettes grew to about 3 inches and rotted. The second issue was heavy mildew on the leaves. I sprayed them with a weak apple cider vinegar and water mix. It was hard work, spraying each leaf of 5 plants on both sides. And of course removing the worst infected leaves.

    Declan Reidy

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    Courgette 'Defender Midnight F1'

    Good seeds that grew well. A happy purchase.

    Charles Shaw