Vegetable Soil / Compost Mix

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  • Large 750 litres of veg mix (1 tonne) bulk bags of our vegetable soil mix for delivery outside of Dublin.
  • Peat free mix of 60% Top quality screened topsoil, 30% Peat free compost, 10% Horticultural sand to improve drainage.
  • Please read Bulk soil delivery details below before ordering
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    Always the Best

    Get this every year to top up my garden and i genuinely think it is getting better. Or it certainly was its best this year. Lovely and fluffy with plenty of compost through it

    Dermot Carey

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    Really lovely stuff!

    I've used this for a new raised bed and to add some extra soil to my borders and it was a pleasure to work with. It's much nicer than a similar priced ton of soil I bought elsewhere last year. Will definitely buy again next year.


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    Vegetable Soil / Compost Mix Outside Dublin

    Great to have as I live on what can only be called a bog. Hopefully, I will get better results in the tunnel than last year as I only had shop bought compost. What I didn't like: No man in the house, so getting it from the bags into the tunnel is very difficult, particularly as it has been raining heavily and it is soaked. The other issue is there are lots of small stones so I am having to sieve every shovel full. Here's hoping for a good season and we will see how it goes.

    Gina Hetherington

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    Vegetable Soil / Compost Mix Outside Dublin

    Soil has just arrived, it looks great. My concern is that the bag isn't sealed so I will have to try and get it into my beds before it starts to rain.

    Jacqueline Vickers

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    Vegetable Soil / Compost Mix Outside Dublin

    Selma Davies

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    Vegetable Soil / Compost Mix Outside Dublin

    I recently ordered 3 ton bags of vegetable soil / compost and was delighted with both the service and the product. It is too early to comment on the content of the soil and Its ability to produce healthy growth - however I can comment on the apparent quality of the product which appears rich, dark and has a good mix of well composted material throughout it. It was delivered within 2 days of making the online order and was lovely and dry which meant it was much more easily transferred to the raised beds in my polytunnel. I appreciated the clear explanation on the website regarding the delivery of the product to the roadside which allowed me to prepare for a days work transferring it tothe beds. I am looking forward to excellent crops in due course.


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    Vegetable Soil / Compost Mix Outside Dublin

    Absolutely delighted with Veg soil/compost mix, soil in Clare doesn't know what hit it. Really lovely mix, no lumps, very consistent, couldn't possibly fault. Delivery very prompt. All round great service


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    Vegetable Soil / Compost Mix Outside Dublin

    I bought a 1 tonne bag of compost recently and have to say I was very happy with all details of the product and service. The compost looks and feels of a very nice quality and has hugely brightened up the flower beds where it has been spread. Kind regards, Paddy

    PaddyO Connor

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    Vegetable Soil / Compost Mix Outside Dublin

    Got this last spring,(eventually)thanks to van drivers patience.There is no comparison in the differnce in the growth of all my crops,well worth it.

    Johnny Hodgins

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